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News Coverage Jul 8, 2020

The Washington Post: The PPP isn’t a good fit for microbusinesses. Here’s what Congress should do.

“Unfortunately, the Paycheck Protection Program to provide forgivable loans to small business, despite its enormous size and recently increased flexibility, failed to help micro businesses in the way it should have — as underscored by the new, infuriating disclosure that major lobbying and law firms, and other questionable recipients, received so much of this money.”

News Coverage Jun 24, 2020

The New York Times: Why Do We Pay So Many People So Little Money?

“Wendy Edelberg, also a director of the Hamilton Project, noted in an email that reform will require changing the thinking of some key players. ‘Economists have seemed to take as inevitable the gap between wages for low and high-skill jobs,’ she wrote. But ‘that gap has, at least in part, been driven by policy decisions.’ Adverse policies, she wrote, ‘range from those making it more difficult for private-sector workers to unionize; to weakness in our education system and technical training; to massive incarceration rates; to a failure to raise the minimum wage.’ All are subject to change by elected officials and, she argued, ‘fixing some of those policies would help right away.’”

News Coverage Jun 22, 2020

USA Today: Bye $600 jobless benefit, eviction reprieve, cash for small firms. COVID-19 relief ending.

“‘We put a great deal of support into propping up the economy in the short run,’ says Jay Shambaugh, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. ‘That prevented the immediate economic impacts from being much worse. But the economic impacts of the pandemic will last more than a handful of months. It is really important to tie the fiscal support to economic conditions…rather than have policies end with a cliff based on arbitrary timelines.’”