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News Coverage May 19, 2020

NPR: ‘We Can’t Take Your Call’: Uber Drivers, Other Gig Workers Struggle For Unemployment

“’Normally, if you're eligible for unemployment insurance, it's because your employer has been paying into the insurance system, and as part of paying in, they're reporting your earnings,’ said Jay Shambaugh, director of the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Project. Because the apps do not do this, gig workers have to show proof of their earnings, so the state knows how much to give them in unemployment benefits.”

News Coverage May 17, 2020

KQED: Some Parents Skip Meals to Feed Their Children, but Who Will Feed the Adults? One Organization Has an Answer

“The pandemic has laid bare contradictions in the country’s food system. As farmers report rotting crops and dumping milk, hunger is growing. A [Hamilton Project at the] Brookings Institution analysis found nationwide nearly one in five families with children under 12 are experiencing food insecurity. California parents are also struggling to feed their families, and food banks are seeing demand dramatically increase.”

News Coverage May 15, 2020

CNBC: Study finds 44% of U.S. unemployment applicants have been denied or are still waiting

“Research from the [Hamilton Project at] Brookings Institution indicates that the $48 billion in unemployment spending only offset roughly half of wage loss among workers in April, not because the recent unemployment legislation did not call for more support, but because of delays in distributing unemployment and because many unemployed workers have not been able to successfully file for unemployment.”

News Coverage May 15, 2020

US News and World Report: Most States Are Finally Getting Unemployment Benefits to Gig Workers Affected by Coronavirus

“‘Many of these workers are likely to be disproportionately harmed in the recession that started in March 2020,’ a team of researchers at the Hamilton Project, an economic policy initiative at the Brookings Institution, wrote in a report published earlier this month. ‘Whereas traditional workers are often buffered to some extent from changing macroeconomic conditions by their long-term relationship with an employer, nontraditional workers often have no such protection.’”

News Coverage May 14, 2020

Wall Street Journal: Nearly Three Million Sought Jobless Benefits Last Week

“The U.S. Treasury sent out more than $48 billion in unemployment payments in April, greater than three times the amount paid at the monthly peak of the 2007-09 recession, according to a [Hamilton Project at the] Brookings Institution analysis. The April unemployment payments helped offset more than half of the wages and salaries that were lost during the month, Brookings researchers estimated.”