Policy Response

Tax Policies to Support Low-and Middle-Income Americans

As we approach the IRS tax filing deadline of April 15, THP is highlighting several papers, policy memos, economic facts, & charts that promote opportunities to strengthen the individual income tax code in order to improve the lives of Americans.

New Economic Analysis

Increasing Education: What it Will & Will Not Do for Earnings

How will improving education change earnings and inequality? Brad Hershbein, Melissa Kearney & Lawrence Summers clarify the different elements of this debate.

Recent Event

Expanding Employment Opportunities

On March 11, THP hosted a forum focused on expanding employment opportunities. Vice President Joe Biden delivered remarks. Panelists focused on reforming occupational licensing, strengthening unemployment insurance, and more.

Interactive Maps

County Water Use Map

The geographic variation in water withdrawals across the country underscores the importance of a diverse set of policy reforms. THP's county map illustrates the great variation in level & nature of water use across the country.

Analysis & Interactive

Major Decisions: Graduates' Earnings Growth and Debt Repayment

In a new interactive feature & analysis, THP explores how the current student loan repayment system can create a heavy burden for recent graduates in some majors by requiring payments in the beginning of their careers when their earnings are low.

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